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Brad W.
Gowith Hoggarth CM

I just received my order from MRSNUFF yesterday and this was the first one i tried being my first GH Snuff. The color is light tan and moisture is fairly dry yet not super fine. The scent was not quite what i expected, it is earthy and unique for a medicated. There are some herbal notes that blend well with the earthy dirt like presence. The menthol/camphor is present but not a face blaster, but rather it adds to the scent rather than just focusing on the cooling effect. I did pick up a tap box since i wanted to sample this one before comiting to a big tin. So far i really like this one and have no regrets whatsoever with this purchase, well worth the couple bucks in my opinion.

Gawith Hoggarth CM 25g

this is very close to McCrystals OG. simpler in flavour but camphor and menthol works in harmony that is close to perfection. snuffing this makes me understand how medicated snuff like this is truely medicinal. I find this symbiosis of camphor and menthol truely balancing.
not too mentholy like many mentholated WoS snuffs. cooling soothing opening relaxation. uplifting in harmonic way.
this 25g plastic container is actually very handy to use and carry around. CM looks like identical twin of OG. it is brown and full of oily herbal pleasure so very easy to take pinch.
enjoy! and don't buy this in a tap-box!