FUBAR Toasted 10g

FUBAR Toasted 10g

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FUBAR Toasted is just that-Toasted to the MAX! This raging toast delivers all the complex flavor of traditional toasted snuffs that is cleverly hidden behind a burn and nic hit that is well worth the pain. Initially your sinus wants to revolt but when the skirmish settles down, a soothing sensation of smoke, roasted nuts and tobacco.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Alexander Eriksson (Drammen, NO)
FUBAR Toasted, a nice, strong snuff

The FUBAR Toasted has a great toasted flavour and hits fairly hard. Its great for the late nights and amazing with a wee dram on the side :)

Bas (Terborg, NL)
A bold toast, not for the faint of heart

This is a snuff that takes a while to get used to, but once you get the feel of it you will definately like it. It has got quite a burn to it and the nicotine level is high. The scent is great. A bold scent of roasted tobacco. Unlike any English toast but very nice. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

J.M.Jellum (Hillsboro, US)
It's changed!

This has been my go to snuff for years. It's been an absolute love affair! Unfortunately, I just received a new batch that is not the same recipe. It is lighter in color and smells of incense. I absolutely hate it. I may purchase it again in 6 months or so and hope they get it right. Until then this one's going in the trash.

Hello J.M.,
that is very odd indeed. We will send you another one in the hope you received a mis-labelled something else. Otherwise it may well be the whole batch that is not right, in which case we will take it up with the manufacturer.

If this works for you please email Emma, support @ mrsnuff.com

John Castle (Ackley, US)
No foolin'.

F.U.B.A.R. Toasted misses a star not because of any particular flaw but because it's definitely not something I'd recommend to a novice. It is, however, everything the description would lead you to expect. The burn is substantial, as is the nicotine payday.

The flavorscape mixes the scent of a freshly opened pack of unfiltered cigarettes and (manure-free) barnyard. No perfumes, no menthol, just strong tobacco, grass with just a *hint* of coumarin, raw wood, and freshly turned earth. Breath control and pinch placement are absolute musts with this, though, because even with masterful technique, the price of admission to this ride is not inconsequential -- but it is well worth it.

Stinky Stuff

I don't understand how this snuff is so highly rated. It's disgusting.

I was doing some research and apparently a batch of FUBAR Grunt got made incorrectly and was burnt. It's my firm belief that that mistake was relabled as "FUBAR Toasted."

FUBAR Toasted is disgusting, but it should be good. You can tell that something was messed up along the way. It has a beautiful earthy smell of chocolate with hints of coconut that is over powered by the stench of an overfilled ashtray.

Maybe, I'll grow to like it, but if you're looking for a nice nutty aroma like with most toasted snuffs, or even something that's good, prepare for disappointment.

There's only two positives to this snuff, and that's that it has a decent nicotine kick, although not as much of a nicotine kick as I was led to believe that the FUBAR line would have, and that it'll be around for a long time and will probably be the snuff that gets me through any snuff drought as it's going to be the very last one to get used up.

Hopefully the next batch of FUBAR Toasted gets improved upon. I can't imagine anyone having fond enough memories of it to get mad at any attempts on improving it.