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FUBAR Medic 25g

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OK, FUBAR Medic won't run through a hail of bullets to patch you up, but it will clear your sinuses like a mother. So breath easy. Another in the FUBAR line that is strong and powerful, just like you. Designed exclusively with the military in mind, these are punishing snuffs that satisfy the mighty, and fell the weak.

Available in a several convenient container sizes.

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K Satterfield (Cleveland, US)
Really like it

I like this medicinal snuff, seams like it has also a hint of ceder or spruce needles , great long lasting scent

U.C. (Miami, US)
Just what I was looking for

This is potent but not as strong as the description would lead you to believe. It has a mild hit of menthol and that is good because it doesnt stop up your nose. Also I like it because the tobacco note is very mild and subdued so it doesnt linger in your nose more than 10 seconds or so.

This is a good all-day snuff for people that dont want over-powering scents or perfumey scents that stay in your nose for extended periods. I am very pleased with this snuff which is made by Dholakia actually. In fact I have been pleased with all of Dholakia's offerings so far. I also like this plastic container that the 25g comes in because it appears to be airtight.

Too many other snuffs come in metal tins that are NOT airtight and that lead to dried-out snuff. I wish the whole industry would switch to plastic because plastic is cheap, lightweight and non-porous. This snuff is very easy to take also. It does not go too far back into the nasal cavity and has never made me sneeze or start to produce mucus.

Cooled Down

Lightly mentholated with that great grunt base tobacco to cool thing down a bit. The clearing effect is cool and lasting not like english menthols that can block you up shortly after you use them. Delivers a nicotine hit that gratify the need. This is a valuable asset in my daily rotation, always on hand when needed to enjoy my day and get me on my way.


Yes it clears the sinuses, very well in fact. The strength is exaggerated by many reviewers. This has a very manageable level menthol level. This is not followed with the swollen and half closed effect. Sinuses stay open. Excellent. The lingering aroma is very pleasant. Kind of a light Red Virginia/Orange fruit scent...and mild. Brilliant. Easy to snuff, triggers only an occasional mild flow. Very pleased. Will order more of this and delve into the rest of this line.

Need More

I love this snuff! Started with a small tin and ran through it in a week. Best menthol on the market in my opinion. 50g on it's way.