FUBAR Jungle Fever Mango Menthol 30g

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Customer Reviews

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Mango menthol Jungle Fever

Mango indeed! Nic hit is medium high for me, after 2-3 bumps there is a nice burn too. Menthol goes away faster than mango flavor which lingers for long. Quite nice fruity menthol snuff! I wish it was spearmint flavored..

FUBAR Jungle Fever Mango Menthol 30g

I haven't been a huge fan of the fruit snuffs I've tried but this stuff is awesome! Light, very well balanced menthol witha great mango flavor along with a good nic hit and an easy going moisture level and grind.

Robert Mezyk
FUBAR Jungle Fever Mango Menthol 30g

This snuff is a good, strong, and hitting stuff. During the day I use more mild ones, like Gawrith Mint, Ozona Cherry or Raspberry. But when it comes to the evening this snuff is like a glass of sharp whisky, strong and sharp. Good stuff.

FUBAR Jungle Fever Mango Menthol 30g

This is quite possibly one of the greatest snuffs ever made. The menthol is not too overpowering, the mango is strong, the nic hit is grande. slightly moist and a fine grind. this stuff is a must have by anyone who enjoys mango. im not big on menthol flavours but this is one of my favourites

FUBAR Jungle Fever Mango Menthol 30g

This was my favorite from my first order. The balance on mango and menthol is perfect. This is a great first time snuff user product.