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Ryans' Snuff and Stuff
Glorious! What a Snuff!!

This is a must have in any snuffers arsenal. The Hot Cocoa aroma ( and i mean HOT cocoa) hits your nose you all but forget your nose is burning its way a hole in your cranium. fuiyo This ones so good itll make you cry
This is for Champs not chumps

Head shot

This one is definitely a hardcore snuff. I was surprised how much I returned to the burn time after time, it's a bit of a traumatic snuff and therefore really there as a serious wakeup call, like putting your head above the trench and catching a blast from a grenade... All this said I go back to it and enjoy. Its got some peppers in it so you'll have tears in your eyes but the reward is the glory of battle and the chocolate aroma comforts your limb amputation. It has a pretty good nicotine blast.

DAn HElmig
Holy crap

I wasn’t ready for this one. I took a small spoonful, a little larger than a BB, up each nostril, and I thought my eyes were going to pop out. It was like sniffing ground ghost peppers. I eat very hot food, but have never had it up my nose. It immediately started to burn clear up into my sinuses and up behind my eyes. I thought it would stop shortly, but no such luck. If you like hot, and want a challenge, try this one, just be careful.

Omer Kligman
FUBAR Bohica 10g

This one is realy hard to handle. At first, you get a real nice chocolate aroma. But after a short while, the burn begins. I'd say you'll have to have a very specific taste to enjoy this one, or perhaps it needs some getting used to.