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Dholakia Plum Cake 10g

Dholakia Plum Cake 10g


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Dholakia Plum Cake is a merry snuff that is reminiscent of the holidays. This sweet and spicy mixture has a fruity and candy like aroma that lets you relive the festivities all over again. Easy to inhale, this snuff has a rich tobacco taste smothered with warm spices and plummy goodness. A treat worth a try.

Available in a variety of convenient hermetically sealed containers.

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Dholakia Plum Cake 10g
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Dholakia Plum Cake 10gDHO191
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Incredible Scent

A rather incredible scent, I believe this contains a little ghee in which the plum topping has been dissolved. I yearn for first tin, which was soaked to the point of being absolutely saturated with the stuff to the point lf being waxy, while every tin since has been on the drier side. However, it is good stuff and I recommend it, albeit some batches are better than others.

Christmas Snuff

Dholakia Plum Cake is a great snuff for beginners and veteran snuffers who are in the mood for something sweet.

I purchased this in hopes of it being similar to Bernard's Weihnachtpris as they are both Christmas themed but I was mistaken.

This snuff is very sweet for a snuff akin to Bernards Magic Moments but has more of a light cherry/fruity smell with a very slight note of almonds or nuts.

Burn is very minor and hits just as you inhale and then comes on a strong smell. The smell lasts a long time which is a great feature if you enjoy it!

Grind is fine but it is moist so theres no danger of hitting the throat making it ideal to share around with curious non-snuffers and even your lady friend. Colour is a medium brown.

I only use this one on rare occasion as the sweetness is not to my usual taste but is a great addition to my collection, this ain't one to use all day.

Bust this one out when you need to indulge your sweet tooth but the diet won't allow! ;-)

Great Fruity Snuff

This has a very strong plum scent and seems to contain ghee! This is one of the better fruity snuffs I have tried. My first tin of this seems to have had a heavier scenting than later ones, but perhaps I got used to the smell. Definitely a must try if you like any of the fruity snuffs.