Dholakia Manjul 9g

Dholakia Manjul 9g

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Dholakia Manjul is a very cool character. Stands out in a crowd and is not another traditional Indian snuff. This mixture has personality and is made from a light brown tobacco color that is enhanced with spicy clove and a cool undertone of mint that is quite refreshing.

Available in a variety of convenient hermetically sealed containers.

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Michael Ambush (Brooklyn, US)
Not for me

Try McChystal's Warm Glow if you want clove. I don't notice mint. I can see why people like this but it reminds me of leftover campfire.

Dennis Garrett (Reno, US)
Manjul and green dragon! The 4th of july in your nose!

This snuff is very good with green dragon took a pinch of both and I was in a fruit juice commercial with fruit juice flavors flying out of my nose! a good christmas treat these two snuffs are! Buy both! spices mints fruit juice flavors!

Anonymous (Trenton, US)
Manjul 10g

Light brown in color with a fine grind that sticks together well. The clove is present but not over powering. Mint adds a nice light cooling effect. If you are looking to blow your face of with menthol then this is not your snuff, and for that reason I find this very enjoyable.

Gwendolyn Jones
Nice Mellow Gentle Warmth

I wasn't as impressed with this as I expected. I really didn't get the clove-mint/menthol described, more like, predominantly natural tobacco with hints of them. To me, it seems a bit more coarse, & dry, & although it has a nice mellow gentle warmth to it, it also seems to be a bit clogging for me, & the aroma is a mellow earthy subtle spicy type. Not a bad thing, if you prefer a more laid-back sensation. I prefer stronger medicated types, but I'm saving this for blending to tone the others down or add a bit of variety.

Dholakia Manjul 25g

Light in colour and very finely ground, Manjul has a unique scent of cloves which dominates, along with a touch of menthol. The scent has some staying power, strength is moderate, making this is an excellent occasional snuff.