Dholakia Black 25g

Dholakia Black 25g

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Dholakia Black is a strong, moist and complex snuff. Pure Black Chopadia tobaccos are perfectly fermented to produce a rich, greasy and humid power house. Upon opening,  one is greeted with an acrid, barnyard smell that will give way to an unadorned tobacco taste. There are no flavorings or attempts to alter this excellent snuff, and while mild in the nose, also provides a very strong nicotine clout. 

Available in a variety of convenient hermetically sealed containers

Customer Reviews

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Black tar

Incense sticks powder I swear. Pretty much flour like scotch. Makes nose black pretty easy.

howdydave (Rochester, US)
A very good MELLOW Latakia!

That "barnyard smell" that people are talking about is actually the satisfying (to me anyway) aroma of FERMENTED SILAGE: fermented cattle fodder/feed preserved by acidification.

"Black Snuff" is actually dark brown (like dark chocolate) and is an absolute delight!

howdydave (Rochester, US)
Like Latakia only more subtle

I have always been a Latakia fan -- this is even better!

I get the same subtleties of a Latakia with a less sharp sensation and (IMO) better cohesive attributes.

Dark and Moist

Nice size to try,But once you do you will kick yourself for not buying the the large can. Color is black , now that is some serious fermentation. This has a fine grind like an American scotch. I say it be suitable to use a dip stick with this one. The nicotine level is high and the moisture level is also.Has a slight pleasant burn and south african scent. petting zoo. For a Indian snuff, Dholakia Black is very beginner friendly.

Tim Crow
Chocolate Dirt

I am new to snuff in general, but got a big 50g canister of this snuff. It is my favorite!
The aroma to me seems a mix of earthiness and chocolate.
It does make your nostrils black, and blowing your nose can be a bit dramatic, so don't leave your hankie out! :)
All in all, a strong, but easy snuff for this newbie!