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Dental Sweet Snuff 1.15 oz

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To the fanatics of a sweet snuff, comes "Classic Dental". An American based snuff that is fairly mild but effective in the nasal area. It incorporates a slightly smokey flavour that delivers a swift hit of nicotine with a lasting flavoured scent. Snuff initially originated in the Americas before being sold across the globe, so prepare yourself for a thoroughly enjoyable sensation that is taken from the origin of smokeless tobacco. 

An easily accessible snuff, that is a niche in our range of products. Let us know your thoughts below. 

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Customer Reviews

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wonderfvl (Atlanta, US)

As the name implies with "Dental", most every scotch snuff are for oral consumption. For nasal snuff, you've got to go with German & English for quality.

Smoky Sweetness

If your looking for a mild and sweet american snuff at a great price, this is for you.

I have always been a huge fan of the american snuff due to their low price and high quality, and this one is no exception, but it just lacks the large amount of nicotine I enjoy. Its a light browm, semi moist textured sweet snuff and easily can be snuff off the back of the hand, but I prefer a spoon or key because it can leave a mess behind due to it being so finely ground. The flavor is a very strange mixture of a very mild smoke, and a sugary sweetness that I cant put my finger on.
I overall think that its not nearly as good as the plain american scotches because the sweetness can be a bit overpowering and the low nicotine content, but its stilly a worthy 3/5 stars,

Only for Those with Sea-Legs

This is a scotch that I would still do even if it didn't have a big hit of nicotine. With that said, it doesn't have Garrett levels but Dental packs a pretty good punch. It is just a good snuff all around. It has a light smoky/BBQ flavor but it is subtle compared to other scotches. Like it's Conwood brothers (Garrett/Honest) , it is bone dry and extra fine, so it's for people who have their sea-legs. I use some American snuffs because they are intense. I use Dental because it's good.

Hay Fields

This is my evening snuff. It takes me back to the tobacco and hay fields. I love the flavor of tobacco and a sweetness that is not cloying. This scotch has a nice little burn but is not intense in any way, including the nicotine hit. Not sure what to compare it to, aside from maybe Buttercup or another of those grassy types. I love it! If you are looking for a nicotine fix, look elsewhere, but if you are looking for flavor, this is a very nice snuff.

Bit Rougher

Conwood is always a bit rougher than all the other snuffs I tried. None of them are as mildly smooth as this one. It gives a quick burst of scotch but then washes it down with some soothing after taste almost like when you breathe in from a non lit cigar. Overall this is a very fine snuff if you like a mild enjoyable snuff.