Afghan Black 50g

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Not bad

I’ve tried many “ makla” type snuss and none of them compare to the actual makla brand as far as taste , how well it packs in your mouth or how hard it is on the gums . The afghan black is the second best I’ve tried . It comes nicely wrapped and compacted , almost looks like a brownie. There’s not much of a taste to it other than dirt ,is the best way to describe it . The nicotine hit is amazing and it doesn’t dry out as fast as other type of makla . My only complaint is that it tends to dissolve in your mouth which makes you spit a lot and it is a bit harsh on the gums compared to other brands. I definitely recommend it .


I have been on the search for Naswar Afghan chew sort of and this kind of looks like it but I never had Naswar and only seen pictures. This definitely is not really ideal to snuff in the nose but of ours I tried it and it had a nice burn with no scent. I have yet to pop a little piece into my lip. The only thing it is wet and dense so you get a very small compact brick about 1.2 inches x 1.2 and like quarter inch thick. But it is 15 grams. I think I would buy just one more to have as unopened for my collection but not for use. It’s just not for me but very neat to have around. If your curious and you happen to have some extra cash why not. I am giving it 4 Stars due to the high price for what it is.

Why so expensive?

This exact product is 22x cheaper on 6Photos website, There is no reason for a 2200% markup.

That Nicotine!

Massive nicotine hit! Definately a morning product to kick you into gear. I'll be back for mor!

Afghan Black 50g

From past reviewers, I agree this is pure nicotine. Just the smallest pinch is absorbed quickly and hits quick. I suggest using it as a topper on a longer cut of tobacco, rather than straight. Also don