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Fresh or not

I first tried this Indian black in the 8g tub. The main note then was of lime,so imagine my surprise when I tried the 30g tin. The main note of this snuff when fresh is cinnamon. It is also slightly mentholated but not overwhelmingly so. You can expect this snuff to change its profile as it ages in contact with air as the cinnamon note is lost. No matter though as I found both thoroughly enjoyable.

Best floral

If you have tried other dark floral snuffs from India,than this one will be a pleasant surprise. It seems perfumey at first, but it immediately calms into a camphor tobacco smell. It is strooooooong. Boy does it have a lot of camphor. Perhaps a small hint of patchouli as well. I'm the type to shovel mound after mound of snuff in,but this one I only seem to need two pinches per nostril. As far as being a more subtle of the traditional Indian dark snuffs, it's about as close as you can get to a schmalzler. I give it a solid 9/10.

6 Photo Motia 8g

Nag champa? Patchouli? Musk? Definitely incense-y. Maybe a little floral hint, rose? Just a smidgen of camphor? I dont think im too good at identifying particular scents, i mostly notice the overall ambience. And this i like, but i like my nag champa and other good indian or eastern incense. Lingers a while too, which is nice. I like doing a hit of a snuff that lingers and taking a walk and get distracted and notice like 10 minutes later that im still smelling it. Not too strong of a nic hit here and not too much of a burn. Slightly moist and very fine.

Recommended if you like indian incense

6 Photo Motia 8g

Not for me at all. I had forgotten that I had tried this a couple of years ago. Last time the smell put me off right away and I put it in the bin. This time I tried it, but was left trying to rid myself of its lingering smell for quite some time. I find it to be a sickly sweet smell. Glad I only bought the 8 grams. I will stick to the Medicated 6 and 66 from now on. I will say if you like a moist, fine, complex perfume smell that lingers even after you have blown your nose this may be to you liking.

6 Photo Motia 45g

Alot of people have called this the black snuff equivalent to Bernard Zwiefacher, and I can understand that. The camphor is vaery sweet but unlike most of these vlack Sphoto blends, the tobacco scent is right there in the immediate after smel. More than Zwiefacher even. Even the musky undertones are tobacco based rather than an oily incense musk, qnd without that overbearing paraffin wax based mildew-like afternotes that black snuffs tend to overdue. Nicotine is 6/10. I definitely recommend this product for people not yet adjusted to heavily spiced indian snuff and snuff connoisseurs alike.