6 Photo Green Dragon Filter Tabaq 5g
6 Photo Green Dragon Filter Tabaq 5g
6 Photo Green Dragon Filter Tabaq 5g

6 Photo Green Dragon Filter Tabaq 5g

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6 Photo Green Gragon Filter Khaini has the sweet flavours of cardamom and rose with a base of slaked lime and betel, layered with a super strong tobacco taste.
Green Dragon has a formidable punch, and the flavour lasts a long while, with no bitter aftertaste.

This is a well priced chew bag. Plenty of punch in the nicotine department. I great alternative the the Swedish chew bags currently on the market.

Available in a convenient container size.

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Peter l. (Seattle, US)
Pleasant surprise

So yes, as another reviewer pointed out, the chew bags have the same overall flavor/scent of Green Dragon snuff (a snuff I also enjoy). That part I liked.

I took a star off, however, because the aftertaste left in my mouth after removing the bag reminded me too much of soap. As I used to get my mouth washed out a lot as a child (don't ask), this was a little traumatic for me. But other than that, this is a lovely filter tabak with a complex, enjoyable flavor and highly effective N hit!

Adam S (Lake Placid, US)

these are nice and pair well with a berry blend snuff or filter tabak. lime is there with maybe another rose flavoring that I thought was too perfume like. good filter tabak

Jim K (Canton, US)
Nothing Subtle About It

While I thoroughly enjoy the snuff of the same name, I cannot say I was expecting the “chew bag” to be identical in flavor. I was wrong. The taste is on point. It is difficult to explain the flavor of Green Dragon without mentioning a similar floral taste as with other Indian snuff/chew bags. However, Green Dragon also incorporates somewhat of an acidic, bright, and citrus-y zest that brings its flavor to the next level. This “chew bag” is a very pleasant and flavorful experience - with a slight sweetness and a comfortable cold burn. The nicotine level is enough to satisfy a user with high tolerance.