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Bruton's Scotch is an American standard bearer for strong snuff and the pride of Nashville. This powerful blend of highly fermented, desiccated and finely ground tobacco powder, is more akin to gunpowder than nasal snuff. This mid brown, silky and bone dry delight brings quite a lot to the party, including a smoky and earthy medley of flavors that are hidden behind a nose feel that can incapacitate the user. The burn can be overwhelming if not properly contained with a very slight and hesitant inhalation. Beware to those who are novice to this concoction, as it has the potential for a painful entry that will however reward with a magnanimous wallop of nicotine. The intake may seat you down but the endorphins will uplift. This is an experience every snuffer should enjoy and don't delay, as this product never stays long on the shelves.

Available in a convenient container size.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
simon alore (Kamloops, CA)
American BBQ Smoke Bliss

Having previously purchased W.E. Garrett Peach, and Honey Bee sweet snuffs, which I thoroughly enjoyed; I decided to give this a try. Although I enjoy the sweet dry snuff my American cousins produce I was curious to experience a more traditional scotch snuff which I was hoping would compare to the high toasts from the British. I was not let down. This is like a BBQ for the snout. This pairs well with another American delight, bourbon whiskey. So make yourself an old fashioned cocktail and order this snuff now.

M. (Maryville, US)

I have not purchased this via Mr. Snuff as I am able to obtain it locally.

This smells like every smoke house I have ever been in growing up in Appalachia. I can close my eyes and feel the dirt and corn husks under my feet, and smell the smoke and meaty scent of hams curing ...
Also, if Bentons means anything to you, this smells like their shop too.

This is a lovely dusty fine snuff that should be taken with deliberate care. I agree with the review in the description. Taking a deep breath prior to light sniffing helps so much!

The Brute

nicknamed "Brutal" for good reason. Extra fine. Extra dry. Extra strong. Extra hard to sniff. Not for beginners and experts be warned :) Taking this snuff without getting it in the back of your throat has proven to be extremely difficult. Oh man, and it burns...

What comes to taste then it's a plain snuff with a nice smokiness to it, not too much, just enough for my tastes. Great tobacco!

Some claim NTSU to be the strongest, I'd say Brutal is. I will have to spend an evening with both - I'll let you know if I survive ;)

Tennessee Punch

One of the strongest US snuffs out there. Don't let Rooster fool you, Bruton is where it's at. Bruton pulls no punches, it has that deep, sharp, smokey taste that you can only get from a snuff made in Nashville, TN. Not an all day snuff for me, but it's certainly in my rotation.

Huge Hit

If you have perfect sniffing technique and are looking for a HUGE hit of nicotine this may be the snuff for you.After a brutal burn things calm down to a nice smokieness.This stuff is super fine and about as dry as your going to find.Not one of my personal faves but I keep a 30 gram in my stash box and go to it here and there for something different.