Bernard Steifeprise 10g

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Eric Perlinger
Every sailor needs a stiff breeze!

The peppermint & menthols make one want to unfurl the sails. For me it brings memories of Christmas morning as the dominant flavour is that of candy cane. Very enjoyable on a cold winter's night lounging in front of a crackling fireplace.

Strong mint

Stiff pinch is an apt name for this snuff. The mint and menthol hit you pretty square with this one. The grind is medium with a medium moisture content consistent with other Bernard snuffs I've tried. The grind and moisture content make this a very easy snuff to take using the box car method and a few taps on the box. I do take a smaller portion of this then other snuffs due to the strong nature of this one, but still an excellent snuff.

Bernard Steifelprise 10g

The peppermint and menthol, together, are delightful in their own right. But the quality of the base tobacco is also utterly superb, warmly smokey and comforting. For me, after the peppermint and menthol settle, the base tobacco smells uncannily similar to a long-gone uncle's pipe tobacco jar. Five stars. Also the tap box is an excellent size for pockets and the sailing ship is outrageously cool. It lends a very "Master & Commander" vibe to the product.

Bernard Steifelprise 10g

A GREAT snuff. Perhaps the strongest lasting menthol blast of all. I use this to clear my nose after overdoing the heavier schmalzers. This keeps that flavor going.

Bernard Steifelprise 10g

Pretty simple: if you enjoy medicated snuff, this is the stuff! Brilliant menthol and peppermint, fantastically easy sniffing. The finish is very long and delightful. In a word, this snuff is perfect!