Bernard Postillion 10g


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Exclusive Postillion. A Private Label snuff that was created by Bernards and uses a pure Bavarian Schmalzler. Made from the finest tobaccos, rounded off with an old Scotch whiskey. In the background resonates with a slight hint of fruit. Here are Scotland and Bavaria, a very enjoyable Alliance!

CUSTOMER REVIEW: Moist, coarse ground, with rich , deep scents of hay, chocolate, coffee, and a hint of gentle breezes from apple orchards and barnyards. Extremely complex but at the same time warm, friendly and welcoming. I have never experienced the aroma of a Bavarian countryside, but this scent makes me feel that i have smelled an idealized version at the least. A kind of olfactory companion to the old Ludwig van's sixth symphony. Easily the best snuff i have received from this storefront so far; sadly it was lost in a tragic laundry mishap. RIP.

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My favorite!

Dark, plummy, figgy, chocolatey goodness. This was the only schmalzler in my initial order of snuff & I ended up coming back & ordering a bunch of other Bernards, & some of them were good, but this one is my favorite. Just so yummy. Yes, I'm a girl.


Bernard Postillion 10g


I'm not sure how to best describe the flavor of this one, but I've tried dozens of different snuffs over the last 4 or 5 years and this is hands down my absolute favorite! Would highly recommend.

Bernard Postillion

Dessert snuff. A jammy mixed fruit truffle... made to perfection. Sweet chocolate, gourmet quality, be ready for a serious nic hit. Start small with tiny bumps, this will sit you down.

Bernard Postillion 10g

Not my favorite from bernards but still awesome. I detect black licoroce smell, which im not a big fan of but still do like this. Its a nice autumn evening with a porter/stout kinda snuff. I like porters especially smoky porters, and thats what this reminds me off.

Just took another whiff and im enjoying it more. Im deciding to give it 5 stars now, originally was only giving 4. I notice some snuffs take a lil more time to grow on you. I like that the smoky scent sticks with ya, while the black licorice smell tails off. I could be wrong about it being blackk licorice but thats what comes to mind for me.