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Bernard Klostermischung 10g - MrSnuff

Bernard Klostermischung 10g

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Bernard Klostermischung is homage to the monastery that first compounded this unique mixture. This is a dark and by schmalzler standards, quite dry; most of the moisture is from the fat. The flavor is sweet like dried raisins and maple sugar which provides a lovely accompaniment to the rich and smoky tobacco blend underneath. Easy to take and provides an ample nicotine hit. This may be the best introduction to schmalzler snuffs and can quickly become a favorite in your collection. Genießen Sie eine Prise!

Available in a convenient 10 g dispenser or box of twenty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Gerald Garrison (New Albany, US)
My favorite Bernard

If this is the only snuff that I had available to me, I would be perfectly happy. The flavors are amazing. I get a little bit of a rum scent but for me it seems more figgy/raisin and a wisp of smokiness and earthiness. It has a pretty good vitamin N kick.

João Paulo Cerqueira de Carvalho (Varzea Paulista, BR)
Simply delicious

This snuff is so delicious that I could eat. Chocolate, liquor, smoky. Nicotine is medium to high. I feeled a banana aroma too. Thank you Bernard

Reviewer avatar
Nose candy

Dark German chocolate rum ! Spot on , I remember vividly in Germany grandma giving me a big chocolate egg with mini chocolate "thingys" . The mini thingy had whiskey that exploded in my mouth as a kid.
Trying my luck with the British ultra fine perfumes and a few trendy snuff . Bernard consistently fighting for top shelf in my collection and it shows in my pictures.
It also shows my South American rape' nitro version I started this habit meditating with . But the nicotine levels are explosive and shotgun like pain to the face I believe are part of the cleansing ritual and meditating .

Jeff Haase
The picture says it all

This one will put you up against the wall if you dabble in excess, saying that it’s a good wall to be up against! especially after you hit gravity... Definitely worth a trial

Peter l. (Seattle, US)
My new favorite snuff!

Just the tap tin was enough to make me buy this snuff, and the contents didn't disappoint! Aside from the typical ammonia, the bittersweet scents reminded me of a good German dark beer, and I'd be willing to bet it would pair well with a high-end porter or stout. So far my favorite go-to snuff. I can't recommend this one enough!