Bernard Gekachelter Virginie 50g

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The Doctor with Leela
Excellent Smokey Tobacco

Notice that this snuff has received all 5 star reviews.
The review title says it all.
Straightforward smokey tobacco with no gimmicks (not that they're not fun).
This is the real deal.


The reviews of this snuff piqued my interest. It became my go to and never leave without. Highly recommend.

Reviews are spot on

This is my first taste of Schmalzler and I love it. The campfire/earth/leather notes in the other reviews are on the nose. My first impression was of an old leather chair in an old damp house. If you are reading this you probably like that sort of thing.

Different than the others, but in a good way

I'm new to the Snuff world, only a few months under my belt, so I'm not an expert but I have really liked this snuff so far. It's different than other offerings from Bernard, not sweet or mentholated, it's more like an unflavored SP, imo, but less dry. Medium grind, dark orange color, prominent tobacco scent, like a good Virginia brightleaf, and the scent lingers. Smoky overtones overlay a crispy fermented tobacco flavor that is as traditional as it gets! Absolutely love this snuff, and the 50 gram box is a great value.


This has quickly become one of my favorite, if not my favorite snuff out there for all day everyday use. It comes in a nice 50g box, a bit smaller than a box of cigarettes. It has a medium grind and reminds me of a good English pipe tobacco. This contains no flavorings or menthol, though on the back of the box states "mit Konservierungsstoff" meaning "with preservatives". I'd be curious to know what these are, but nevertheless is a very nice snuff. It has little burn going in, though has a nice nicotine content and a moderate moisture. Flavors are reminiscent of a cross between a campfire and leather, which is something I tend to really enjoy. I'm looking forward to using this in the Fall and Winter! Overall a very nice snuff from Bernards.