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R Coons
Pretty epic imo

Being used to high dry toast, Rapee and perhaps the occasional moist German or South African, I had never tried white snuff and let me say it is a nice surprise.
This snuff is packaged by 6 photo as can be seen on the internal seal.
It smells dusty, but once it goes up the snout there is a spice and incense to it that if I didn't know it was from Afghanistan I would say is very Indian.
Be warned,it is quite strong, so little bumps at first lads.
Good aftertaste, but make sure you put it toward the front of the nose because otherwise the dust will go into your throat.
Very different, very nice.

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Eric Perlinger
Fata Morgana

Dusty like Peachy Carnehan returning from Kafiristan in Rudyard Kipling’s The Man who would be King, this snuff is a testament to all the roads traveled in its journey to my door. Sold in a can that arrived so dented and rusty that I sliced my hand while prying the lid. I was happy that my tetanus booster was recent and hopefully still offered protection. It is so dry that using it makes a bit of a mess. Smelling of goat, Afghan White is a pure nicotine hit unencumbered by any artifices flavouring. Producing symptoms of fever, it draws mucus into your sinuses at such a rate that it is hard to hold and avoid blowing your nose. Rogue & renegade, it is an unmitigated pleasure to consume and has rapidly become one of my favourites. A tin Afghan White is nothing less that a voyage of discovery akin to the first time I heard the Dissidenten on a ‘80s mix tape.

Justin Reynolds
This is the best white snuff ive ever had

So let me just start this off by saying the snuff by all means is a five star snuff, it has the possibly the best nicotine punch ive ever tried maybe besides six photo mg madras, BUT i deducted one star because the lid of the tin i recieved was rusty, and i almost cut my finger on the rusty tin lid!!

One of my favourite at the moment

I’m more into snuss and makla myself but decided to try nasal snuff . Im a big fan of afghan black so I decided the nasal stuff . At first it was hard to take, I would end up getting it on my lungs but i got the hang of it. I love this stuff , the nic hit is good and theres no menthol ( i hate menthol) . I tried a few other snuff and this one is my favourite so far with makla neffa in second . If you’re a fan of strong nicotine this is the stuff you want .

What a Joy

Now when I first received it I was sad as I probably lost a lot of the snuff from the can in shipping... this was one of my first order, so only later did I find out I could have contacted MrSnuff and probably gotten some help. What I did have left is fantastic. I put it in a baby food jar and came back to it and noticed a very strange and strong ammonia scent which was easily taken care of by leaving the lid off the jar for a day. This is one of the strongest snuffs that I tried that I could really feel the nicotine. I think it’s stronger than cheeta, white elephant, and white horse. I really do enjoy this one. It has a really nice burn that some people may find unpleasant but I think it is lovely. If you like white snuffs and or have a high nic tolerant your looking for something that will really sort you out I recommend getting a can of this Afghan white snuff!

--It's never too late. Just contact Emma support@ and she'll sort something out for you regarding your snuff leakage. Thanks for the review too. --MrSnuff