6 Photo M.G. Madras 100g

6 Photo M.G. Madras 100g

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6 Photo M.G Madras is a distinctive blend of Burley and Latakia tobaccos. This exquisite madras snuff has a traditional preparation that produces a buttery and somewhat nutty flavor. This tobacco powder has a mild aroma and offers a quite satisfying dose of nicotine. M.G Madras is highly prized as an everyday snuff and is often used to help lower dependence on cigarettes.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
J.R. (Fargo, US)
Cigar aroma

This might be my favorite snuff so far. Taking in a sniff of this is like breathing in deep from a cigar humidor. While I'm not a big cigar smoker, I do love the smell of them before they are lit.

Peter l. (Seattle, US)
A bit too natural

The first scent I got was cow. Not clarified butter, not tobacco; just the wrong end of a cow. Maybe it takes some getting used to, but the lingering smell of cow butt in the nose was not the best first impression.

Don't let my review turn you off; everybody's taste is different. This one could be someone's favorite snuff. It just wasn't my cup of chai.

Al (Alexandria, US)
Excellent strong toast snuff

I was gifted a tiny tub of this with a previous larger order here and I have since reordered multiple large 100g tins. It's dark and smokey, I get a campfire smoke with espresso note immediately when I hit it. This is something I plan to keep around. The nicotine is high, which means satisfying to me. Not quite as strong as pure rustica or ntsu black but definitely has a kick that comes on a little slower and is persistent. They list this as golden but the toasting makes it rather dark in color, flavor and it's smokey tasting. Highly recommended for those who enjoy a good strong toast. The grind is fine but it doesn't act powdery, I would imagine this is from the edible oil listed in the ingredients. Thank you Mr. Snuff crew for turning me on to this wonderful snuff.

Justin Reynolds (Fort Bragg, US)
This may be my all time favorite

This is an amazing snuff that has the best nic hit of any snuff i have yet to try, and the scent is truly beautiful it is toasty and delicious it reminds me of a very nice cigar, or a room full of them!!!

Alexander Gumse
6 Photo M.G Madras 8g

Great snuff! It is a toast that hits hard and with an intense burn. Dark brown in colour and has to be sniffed carefully. The taste is beautiful - buttery and nutty.
Well done 6 Photo!!