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6 Photo India in a Box Green

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This concoction is a blend of hand-picked wild herbs that are native to the Himalayas. 6 Photo India in a Box includes a unique scent that is a collection of northern Indian, Nepalese, Tibetan and Bhutanese herbs. Imagination is the only limit to what this mixture can bestow on the senses. This tobacco free snuff give all the place to the healing herbs of these majestic mountains. A refreshing amalgamation that may bring a certain peace and clarity for those who partake.

6 Photo India in a Box comes in two flavors. The green is a pure expression of alpine herbs and the red has added menthol.

Available in a convenient container size.

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Customer Reviews

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Bro Brian (Los Angeles, US)
India's Best Kept Secret

This snuff has the look of a sandalwood powder, the feel of a sandalwood powder, and the scent of sandalwood. Now turn on the band saw, and let's get down to it! Awesome chit mon.
This product appears to have NO nicotine, but I snorted it, and couldn't tell the difference. For a balanced product w/nicotine, may I suggest mixing equal amounts of this product with a high volume nicotine based snuff. I'm sure that would suffice. Who knows what that may produce. The World awaits you.
Edit: In the end, I took the can of the India in a Box, and mixed it with a semi equal amount of White Horse. It came out alright, but not as soothing as the straight India in a Box. Still awesome, though, and with a decent amount of nicotine added from the White Horse.

SC (Monticello, US)
6 Photo India in a Box Green

Complex, delightful. Scents of flowers, herbs, spices and fresh mountain air carrying chai tea. Initially has a good burn, it subsides and the floral/herb experience kicks in. Lasts for a good while. Dry, very fine grind.

6 Photo India in a Box Menthol 30g

Still a bit unsure about this one. It has a scent that reminds me of Indian Chai Masalla Tea. The color is white/tan and is a bit on the fine side grind wise. Glad to have it in the collection and will certainly keep using it.