6 Photo Begum Green 6g

6 Photo Begum Green 6g

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What is different about Begum Green is the recipe. Cool mint, herbs and tobacco all in one container. Begum Green contains a powerful mentholated burst of nicotine that will leave you surprised. 6 Photo believes that this is a signature Indian snuff that represents a tradition.

This finely ground tobacco must be consumed parsimoniously and with the most delicate inhalation. This light green- colored mentholated snuff has a nice balance between flavor and power. The product is available in convenient vacuum-sealed tins that will provide a taste of India.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ewan (Wembley, GB)

All four of the Epicurean snuffs are disgusting. I admire innovation and applaud risk-takers. Yet these are just plain awful. It makes no sense how a great snuff maker such as 6 Photo would put these on the shelf and even think of manufacturing them. Did they not try them? I'm trying to picture the meeting where the boss gave the thumbs-up; let's do it. Did he have a gun to his head? Was he smashed? Was he bamboozled with lies and denied his senses? There is nothing pleasurable about these snuffs. You're left feeling the confusion of the violated; why would someone do this to me? And I say that as a lover of garlic and meat. These are rank, foul and disgusting. However, on a positive note, the base flour looks the usual 6 Photo quality.

Kiefy (Palm Coast, US)

I've tried over 50 scents/flavors of snuff, (and love Indian snuffs!) but none as bad as this one (to me personally). I ended up throwing it out. It's sour, smells sort of moldy with a creamy herbal/vanilla/lime flavor mixed in there that's extremely cloying. It's green colored too which I've never seen.

Kevin Cutler (Prince George, CA)
Begum Green

Delicious I give this a 5 star for its all around flavour and nic hit! Smells of lemon lime mint Floral and the Vitamin N is perfect for me! Careful on the intake it’s menthol is strong!

Anonymous (Whiting, US)

Moist clay like texture when first opened up, but when fluffed up with a snuff spoon it takes on a finely ground consistency. It has a lime scent mingled with a subtle vanilla note. I also picked up on some cinammon. The color is an interesting pale-green.

Anonymous (Garner, US)
lime meringue, chilled

this is an interesting one! I almost thought I wouldn’t enjoy this one as much as I definitely do. when I first opened the tin, I was not impressed. The notes that hit me off the top were almost sour. The color IS lovely, the grind is soft and fine, with more moisture than what some people might associate with most Indian snuffs. But, actually taking this snuff? It’s almost like key lime pie, served fresh from the fridge! I thoroughly enjoy this one. There is a bright citrus note, sweet like a lime and not as sour as a lemon, a not-quite-vanilla creaminess, and a smooth herbal mint that adds an almost savory finish, so the sweet isn’t even overwhelming. It doesn’t cake up. I take it in a small scoop and pack it down against the edge of the container to make sure it doesn’t all slam my sinuses. A thin coat does the trick for nicotine, and more is just bliss on top. Sooo glad I decided to try this one!