About Us

Since our inception in 2007, we at Mr.Snuff, have endeavored to provide a singular service. We have as target to offer our customers the greatest variety of products we can. We have scoured the globe to bring to your disposal nasal and oral snuffs, accessories, and the latest in nicotine absorption methods man has dared to create.

Our travels have brought us to several different snuff heartlands in order to acquire what stocks our shelves. America, Belgium, England, Germany and Sweden, to mention a few, are the places of predilection for snuff makers. We have succeeded in assembling the best of what is offered and group them under one banner. This undertaking is not over. The world of snuff continues to spin and new products appear on a regular basis. We take pains to provide these new comers and let the market, that means you, decide thumbs up or down.

Mr.Snuff is in the business of keeping customers and will maintain a superior customer service experience. Chances are you will never need assistance, but if you do we are here.