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Wilsons Best Dark

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Eric Perlinger
Escargots Bourguignons

Best Dark, with its sneeze-worthy burn, is substantially stronger than Wilson’s Best SP. Like comparing a short coffee with an alongé, its high nicotine content wakes the senses and numbs the incisors…which I very much like. Fecal brown and high in moisture, this SP predominantly tastes of tanned leather with the Bergamot serving as an adornment, like shaved citrus zest floating atop the crema of an espresso. Best Dark is a nice tin to share at cocktail hour with an Old Fashioned or even a Negroni and transitions well to garlicy appetisers such as Escargots Bourguignons or Gambas al Ajillo.

very good Snuff!!

one of the best snuff ! the aroma are wonderful!!

James Woodruff
Fascination & Comfort

This is a truly unique snuff. The tobacco flour is a rich, deep brown with the characteristic WoS grind yielding a powerfully aromatic substance.

I both agree and disagree with those who classify Best Dark as an SP. First thing’s first - I do NOT detect ‘bergamot,’ as one would expect to find within an SP product. Citrus, however, is present and is the first scent that penetrates after taking a modest pinch into each nostril. It most closely resembles the citrus bite found in the rind of a fresh orange, and it cuts through the damp, fermented leather notes typical of fine Kendal tobacco.

As the aroma is permitted to blossom in the nose, faint ghostly floral whispers creep into and out of the picture. They quite possibly consist of lavender and rose, though one has to almost passively attend to the aroma in order to detect them. Floral provides a refined flourish complementing the orange rind and peaty, dampened earth.

I can’t quite say I’ve ever tasted a snuff like WoS Best Dark. It is, for me, every bit as complex and novel as WoS Best SP, which likewise incorporates floral flourishes in surprising, refined and pleasant ways. This is one of those snuffs I use heavily for a day, tape back up and return to in the ensuing weeks, only to find that i discover a new dimension which had previously eluded me.

A fascinating departure from an average, one-dimensional snuffing experience. It took me a while to try this, but I would highly recommend this refined gem.

Wilsons Best Dark 25g

Best dark ,upon opening the tin your greeted by that familiar scent of ammonia representing fresh fermentation, The color of course is just about black. The moisture level is high. The grind is medium course. Has a very slight burn very easy to consume large amounts. The effectiveness is sudden ,very satisfying. The scent is natural ; good base tobacco.

If your looking for a non scented good snuff this is one to have. Very versatile to have to hydrate dried out snuff or experiment with creating or toning down heavily scented snuff. Add a tin to your collection it a keeper.

Phillip Meglathery
Wilsons Best Dark 10g

I'm really glad I bought another tin of this stuff.The grind is medium with a fair amount of clumps and the moisture is moderate. The tobacco is quite dark brown but not black. A light amount of bergamot complements earthy woodsy tobacco taste beautifully. I find myself reaching for this snuff more and more over the day. The scent hangs pretty well and the nicotine is moderate. The bergamot really allows the rich dark tobacco to shine through. The woodsy aroma is not quite like F&T's Santo Domingo but if you like Santo Domingo and SPs then I can highly recommend this. Actually I'd recommend this to anyone who has any interest in or taste for bergamot or tobacco aroma. 4.5 stars since its great but a little messy.