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Minor Sample Pack of 12. McChrystal's is offering a sample pack of assorted snuffs. The pack includes 12 different tins.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
phil Bradtphi (Sacramento, US)
Olde English snuff

I have tried the snuff and it is great. Thank You. Phil.

Ray Martin (Orlando, US)
McChrystal's assorted

My first purchase included the assortment. Found out that I really like the O and G as well as the anisette and chocolate ones.

Isaac (Newmarket, CA)
Very happy!!

Awsome way to try multiple varieties of the McChrystal's line. Loving the olde english for medicated snuff and summer harvest for a fruity/chocolaty desert snuff. Delivery was fast, and product was great quality. Thanks mr. Snuff

Bradley Maston (Fort Collins, US)
Great Variety - Perfect sizes

I am so happy to have gone with this. It exceeded all expectations. The "sample size" buttons have more than enough for you to get acquainted with every single snuff in the pack. There were no duplicates and a tremendous example of the great diversity and quality of the McChrystal's line. Whether you are just starting with snuff or just wanted to try everything in one easy package this is a great buy.

Abraham Bernstein (DeLand, US)
I'm going to review every snuff individually.

Love all the different snuff in this package. Really didn't realize that these are as small as they are. Read grams thought ounces. (Translation error) As you can probably attest, as an American I can not be trusted to read English in its untranslated form...... The snuff, I will not review without trying first. On the 4th snuff so far, and I love them all for their different and unique flavors.