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You may think you have examined the range of 6 Photo snuff, think again as this snuff is different with no sense of flavour or menthol. Cheeta Chap Gul is initially just pure tobacco from the soils of India. It includes a sense of a very mellow aroma with dominant but not too powerful nicotine punch. Blended with the perfect taste, the tobacco can be easily accessed by placing it up the nostril. The perfect product for newcomers of the snuff community.

Recommended as a comforting un-intrusive all day snuff with more than enough nicotine for anyone utilising the product. The substance comes in a flat tin of 25g tobacco which is more than enough to enlighten your day. These are some of the most prominent tobacco products in India, and we trust you will relish them as significantly as the Indian demographic endure.

Customer Review: I started off with a 35 gram tin and fell in love she has a bite to her Which quickly fades into a lovely scent can you feel her purr I sure can this is my go-to snuff out of all the snuff so I've tried good stuff oh and the Nic hit is out of this world so come pet cheetah if you dare I did and I do not regret it.

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