Poschl Gawith Original 10g

Poschl Gawith Original 10g

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Poschl Gawith Original is a flagship snuff that stands a head above the competition. The superlatives of this offering cannot be overstated; this powdered pleasure is so many things to so many snuffers. The unparalleled quality of the fermented tobacco leaves is undisputed and the exact formulation of refreshing cool menthol has a perfect union with prunus armeniaca. This apricot and spice mixture is easy to take with little discomfort and lots of flavor. The mature tobacco taste isn't lost to the fruity overtones that act as perfect partners that are wrapped in a light coating of menthol. Is popularity a guarantee of quality? Have a pinch and decide for yourself.

Available in a convenient 10 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

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Derek Hooker (Colorado Springs, US)
Good Snuff!

Well this is a must try and infact I do believe out of the 12 brands/Flavors this is going to be my staple... Tastes great and strong but not overwhelming.Want this to come in 100 gram portions...I have to say I am impressed with the complexity of the flavors I get through a pinch in each nostril..I really enjoy it early or late..pair this with a nice drink and a good looking woman and you are in for a Smile.Do your self a favor and get a few of these because you will want more ..get the 10 pack deal as this snuff will delight and you will want to share with those you care for....yum !

Kev Harris (West Bromwich, GB)

Very noce n smooth,
When you getting some Alpina in??

Daniel Cozac (Calgary, CA)

How are you supposed to review something you have yet to receive. Being unable to track my order thru various apps who tell me they can't find tracking number I'll patiently wait to see if it comes at all.

Russell Senior (Leeds, GB)

Poschl Gawith Original (Apricot) 10g

C.E. (Brooklyn, US)
Super pleasant apricot

It's not overpowering, and that means you can actually smell it! The apricot isn't drowned out by millions of floral and fruity flavors, it's quietly carried by a subtle mint and camphor. My only complaint is that I wish the grind were a little finer.