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Poschl Alpina 10g - MrSnuff

Pöschl Alpina 10g

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Pöschl Alpina is a well rounded snuff that offers a buttery schmalzler texture that is dark, fluffy, moist and provides a fruity aroma of berry, fig with a fresh spicy mentholated ending. The nose feel is quite mild and provides a moderate nicotine kick that is long lasting. The recipe seems to balance the fermented tobacco taste with a refreshing blend of drupe and spice that is easy to take and very refreshing.

Available in a convenient 10 gram dispenser.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Ty Kennedy
Hint of chocolate?

I get the dried fruit and date stuff but also the "tin" note gives me a bit of chocolate. I like it!

The Doctor with Leela (Chicago, US)
Bought it for the box

The snuff is fine.
I mainly bought if for the tap box which is similar to the Paul Gotard boxes in dispensing. Probably have to take the label off to use it for refilling after the snuff is gone. This will fit very nicely in the pocket.

SC (Highland Lake, US)

Amazing snuff. An absolute must try. The menthol is balanced, not overpowering and lets all the fruity, berry scents rush in and linger. Just have to try it, I can't describe it other than, super good, amazing, the slide top works smooth, can open or close depending on how much of a pinch you like. 10 stars, but I can't give it that on this rating system.

Dennis Garrett (Reno, US)
Fruit date butter menthol buy two boxes give one can away to your friend for good luck!!!

Ok this snuff is a classic! You might want to start with a snuff like this. Box says seit 1902 Alpina snuff It has a top slide cover fits great in your hand or pocket.
It has a medium brown color and when I took a hit it tasted like a schmalzer buttery with fruit and date taste and then a menthol blast opens up your nose! Then you get a good nicotine blast! A good all day snuff for anyone and you will have lots of energy and you will breathe better when you take this snuff. You ever see this snuff on sale go crazy and buy two boxes of 10 or get a business license see if you can get a discount! And when you get two boxes of 10 give two away to someone you know for good luck and tell them pass it on brother! Im giving this snuff a 10 star rating no complaints at all!

Todd r mueller (Peyton, US)
overall nice medicated snuff

not much to say but you get a decent burn, not the strongest, but it snorts well, and it's a good all around snuff for medicated lovers, unless you want it super strong, then others may be more desireable