McChrystal's Smoker's Blend 4.4g

McChrystal's Smoker's Blend 4.4g

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McChrystal's Smoker's Blend is a very satisfying snuff. This mixture of peppery tobacco, bergamot and a slightly floral bouquet have combined to offer an enjoyable snuff experience. This powdered delight is all about flavor but delivers a nice, but not overpowering, nicotine hit. The texture is a mid-fine grind with a fluffy feel and medium moisture. Easy to take and moreish in nature, this can easily become a favorite for anyone. Have a pinch, no regrets.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.
Small: 4.4 g.
Tub: 200 g.

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Ilikeitupthenose (Glasgow, GB)
A solid all-day snuff

Lovely stuff . A real all.day go to . Fresh outa.the tin has a lovely zest , almost a slight menthol hit .
As I worked my way down the tin , it faded a little into a nice soft bergamot with a peppery biscuit tobacco in the background . Has a good bit of nicotine this I find

Jake Misner (Kalamazoo, US)
Smokers Blend

I love it. Reminds.me.of of an SP with citrus notes. Straight forward good for all day snuff.

Dave Pargeter (Hornsey, GB)
Sweetly aromatic

Sweet and aromatic, with a hint of menthol. Very pleasant.

B.A. (Reading, US)

Absolutely astounding. Easy to take stuff , cant get enough , a little burn followed by a scent of citrus, best paired with a lager .could definitely bump this all day also well paired with mc crystals star gazer in my opinion

D. (Colonial Heights, US)
What they smoking in da U.K.?

Okay, it's a great snuff, but with the wrong name. Aside from the nicotine, I don't see why a smoker would want this, instead of any other snuff. I.M.O., a "smokers" blend should be tobacco focused, without much extra flavor.