Snuv Rigor Mortis 10g

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Trumpets of Jericho

When I got this I tried it as a regular snuff, I had to try one of these herbal "snuffs". Almost fell out of my chair when it hit my nervous system. I threaded softly afterwards. Then I thought to myself what could be the use for a product like this? And I found that it fits into a role of a surprise hitter at an after hour party or derailing the dreaded late evening numbing syndrome. One just has to be into MUSK. I get heavy heavy musk hit with a proffesional brain zap. When it enters the nose it is feeling quite earthy with a maliciously surprising and hard core zesty sting. Now I wonder what herb combo this is!!! Really!!

OMG. 100% Spot On Description!!

Took a teeny tiny grain of rice size in each nostril and the first thing I noticed were the herbs and thought, 'hmm..this is different.' BUT before I could tell whether or not I liked what I was smelling I was hit with sudden burning nostrils, very watery eyes and multiple sneezes! And just like desc states, if you make it through the middle phase, you will be rewarded with a pleasant sweet hay aroma. Definitely worth the burn!! 5 stars for such a unique snuff AND spot on description!


Dreadful. It’s like snuffing vindaloo with nicotine. Not for tobacco lovers.


i set this down in my apartment while i was putting away the groceries but now i cant find it anywhere. if i dont find it soon ill have to buy more....

Holy Bajeebus

strong is an understatement. absolutely fantastic unique scent but yes....STRONG. i took the smallest pinch to test (about 1/8 my normal pinch) and instant burn and nic hit. also instasnot. super refreshing and can see this one lasting me a long time as a special treat waff which is great considering the cost. but i will definately be buying this one again. LOVE IT!!