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Snuv Reaper 10g

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Customer Reviews

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Ryan Williams
Very different, but not my thing

Strong scent of berries or something similar- very fine powder, not too hard to sniff, but burns like hell and has a lasting burn. My eyes watered. The scent is overwhelmingly powerful in your nose and stays for a while. It’s not an unpleasant scent but so strong that it becomes undesirable. This is a 100% tobacco free snuff. I don’t know what herbs they use or what but I doubt it’s any safer and definitely burns more, it was worth buying once but I probably won’t be buying anymore tobacco free snuffs, just not my thing. 2 starts for the decently strong nicotine kick. Also

Not for me

I saw Snuv and thought, cool, a new name in snuff? I ordered before doing any research to understand that this is not a tobacco snuff. If you want long lasting artificial flavours up your nose, a long lasting burn and a hole in your pocket this will do nicely. For me it is not the one. I don't understand why you'd want a snuff that looks like tobacco but has none - and is not more healthy than a tobacco snuff, most likely less healthy as this has so much nicotine and a ton of chemicals. All the pain but none of the gain. Meh

Not my thing

The burn is pretty intense. Definitely not my type of snuff. I also had to use wire cutters to rip open the can.

Samuel Curry
Wow this is wild

I took a normal pinch of the Reaper. Big mistake. A little bit is all you need. If you are looking for a serious snuff this is it.
Brace yourself for when it kicks in. I love it.

Keegan Miller

Snuv Reaper 10g