Snuv Back In Black 15g

Snuv Back In Black 15g

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Snuv Black Range is a perfectly balanced blend of Rustica and Virginia tobaccos. The color of the snuff is almost black. A fairly coarse grind along the lines of classic Bayern Prise German snuff, with a dash of paraffin oil which gives these snuffs their distinctive fluffy feel and also helps prevent the moisture from drying out.

Snuv Back in Black is a plain tobacco lovers snuff. It is one to savor; to take slow.

Open the tin, and don't take a pinch immediately. Take the time to smell the tobacco. Rustica, Virginia mix wafts out a gentle sweetness. You will note a light aroma of freshly baked biscuits/cookies almost like grandma is baking in the kitchen next door. Enticing, but you are not quite ready to rush through and grab one out the oven.

Patience has its rewards. There are hints of cedar and old well loved leather. It is undoubtedly a masculine snuff. Now, take a pinch. There is no need to take it easy on the sniff, the oils make it gentle on the nose, but I suggest you do.

Savor the experience. Take several seconds. Enjoy the ritual.

Once in the nose all the subtlety, while in the can, comes out in spades. Sweet, mellow, fluffy even, yet robust on the nicotine and sweet tobacco joy. Snuv Back in Black is, in short, a rocking muscular snuff.

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Customer Reviews

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C. (Steamboat Springs, US)
Not what I expected

After reading the other reviews, which were all praising the many scents revealed in this snuff, I got a tin of it in a recent order. Maybe my nose is jaded from many years of snuff taking, to me, this Snuv is a good, plain black snuff. Nothing more, nothing less. I happened to have a 50 gram tub of Dholakia Black snuff on my desk at the time I opened the tin of Snuv, and after a pinch or three, I thought it was almost the same as the Dholakia. It’s a little coarser, and more moist, and is very good in its own way. Nicotine level is on the high side, it’s very easy to take, and is overall a good snuff. I just don’t get a lot of the more complex scents other reviewers did.

R.M. (Little Rock, US)
Straight and Great

I love the grind and feel of these Black Snuvs. It reminds me of moist volcanic sand between the fingers. The slight bit of paraffin added is noted and adds a bit of moisture to the grind. Beautiful and dark, it is a plain snuff that goes great with coffee, whiskey, bourbon or scotch. It's mellow with the slightest taste of sweet bread. I'm stuffing pinches up my nose as I try and describe it. It's a great snuff. I really enjoy the flavor of plain tobacco done right, because when it's done right, it's anything but plain. For those who know, you know!

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Romeo & Julietta “Churchill”

An exceptionally good cigar is more than just a smoke. Like a great wine, it is an experience that takes you beyond the bottle to the soil of the terroir. As you progress through it, you get to a point where the unique taste justifies the outrageous expense. It is a heady mix of finely cured tobacco smoke, residual oils and saliva seeping from the semi-masticated mushy end clenched between your teeth. It is at this inflection point that many aficionados actually let the cigar go out, as the buccal experience cannot get any better. It is the destination of the cigar journey and that particular sour taste is just…sublime.

Back in Black offers the snuff taker precisely the same experience. Almost black, it is a fermented mix of Rustica and Virginia tobaccos, which smell like warm bran muffins covered in melted butter upon opening the tin. Uptake is followed by a sour burn that whelms with ammonia to progressively reveal the richness of the tobacco blend. Similar to Mullins & Westley’s “Black Rappee” and Friboug & Treyer’s “Old Paris”, it is finer in grind and provides for a deeper and more complex snuff taking experience. Without flavouring or artifice, it stands alone on the merits of its own tobacco recipe. High in nicotine and with an oil finish, Back in Black offers a distinctive adventure that is difficult to better.