Makla Rouge 20g

Makla Rouge 20g

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With a rounder and softer taste, Makla Rouge is made for people seeking a sweet and full-bodied sensation. This rich and robust tobacco is exceptional in its refinement.

Available in a convenient 20 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Shouket Hafiz (Worksop, GB)
Not even received

I have not even received my item. I been trying to email you but none of email is working. Messaged you on instagram but no reply. Please be careful before you buy. I lost about £70 and can’t even contact them.

djamel bensaid (London, GB)
Too expensive - no taste

As a very long term user of this product, it has become very expensive to buy.
There is no more taste or the familiar 'punch'.
Will be looking for another supplier.

Joel fontana (Hillsdale, US)
Good goods

New to the makla once you get accustomed to the texture vs American oral snuff it’s really nice and well nice. Prefer the menthol as for overall experience. If you need more traction mix some 6 photo afghani using your palm and fingers to mix it all together and poof more octane for those difficult moments!

MIha ZUpan (Kranj, SI)
Makla Rouge

Great product

jason barabanoff
My least favourite

Out of all the makla’s this is my least favourite just because its harsher on the gums than other flavors but still decent, the taste is more spicy than the other ones , i just wouldn’t use it as my every day snus .