6 Photo Chetak Chhap 20g

6 Photo Chetak Chhap 20g

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This is the typical Indian Khaini, a delightful combination of finely cut tobacco leaves and the world famous Indian herbs & spices. A top up of attar of roses mixed with menthol gives it a pleasant aroma.

Mr.Snuff says: "This is one of the strongest tobacco products I have had the pleasure to try. If a good nicotine buzz is what you are looking for, I recommend giving this awesome dip a try. Be careful though. Start with a pea-size pinch. It will sit you down, humbled otherwise."

Available in a convenient container size.

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Shabir Shah (Walthamstow, GB)

Should have read the reviews on this. Kept in mouth for about 30 mins and this stuff was just burning like hell. After removing it the gum area was being ripped apart. Have to use some oral gel for it to heal. Never this one again.

Graham Parkinson (Manchester, GB)
You're doing it wrong!

So this is absolutely Bijli Khaini which I used to enjoy when on a posting with the Gurkhas way back.
Pro tip - open the tin half a day before you want to start using it and let it 'air' - this will get rid of most of the ammonia smell which is only a by-product of fermentation, leave it alone.
Close the tin and give it a good shake.
Bang in a lip and enjoy. It won't burn your face away now.

C.C. (Calgary, CA)

I bought 3 of these by mistake while purchasing snuff. I don't usually use chew but this beats the pants off of any brand I have where I live! Thank you

Kris (Houston, US)

I love this oral tobacco kinda hard to use and burned the crap out of my gums but regardless probably my favorite so far. The buzz does take a minute or two but other then that it's amazing

Yuxin Ding
Some words for you if you use this as spit tobacco

I've seen the package of a whole carton of this product, says it's NASAL SNUFF......I was also spitted it few times and feel not so good, eventually I know it's because spitting is not what it designed for. Maybe it's too traditional or something that makes people hard to figure out it's actually snuff without any instruction.