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NTSU Black 15g

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NTSU Black is a symbol of deference for the African-Crowned eagle, said to be the most powerful on the continent. This majestic overseer can sometimes be spotted near the Luvuvhu River of South Africa and has the aspect of royalty surrounded by azure. The reverence to this king of the skies has enabled this snuff to be born. The blend of dark flue-cured tobaccos result in a rich, moist and pungent mixture that delivers a ferocious and merciless assault of nicotine that is reputed for its power and endurance. Vumela ukhozi lundize.

Available in a convenient 15 gram container size.
Also available with a discount by the dozen.

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John Bjarnason (Winnipeg, CA)

Order not received yet

Mark gardner (Ann Arbor, US)
Ntsu black

My all-day nasal snuff along with Siberia brands in any configuration for my daily snus.I tend to lean towards a more traditional straight ground snuff without a lot of aromatics or menthol .my nasal passages seem to tolerate it better. My second and third choice would be Samual gohwath's brown and Viking dark.call me a traditionalist

h.m. (Torrelavega, ES)
Mother nature

peculiar, different snuff: intense, earthy, petrichor flavor and aroma. even sometimes a certain reminiscence of compost, not in a bad way. Deep and complex flavor. Ideal moisture and texture. Very good

Stephen Rodgers (Salt Lake City, US)
Personal Favorite

This is it. End your search for the strongest and boldest snuff here... this tobacco isn't hiding behind any fruity tastes, it's the real deal. Tired in the morning and need to wake up? This is it. Dead inside and want to feel something? This is it. Personally my favorite snuff if I had to chose one.

Josh (Morganton, US)
Will put some hair on ya chest

This is the real deal right here...dirt cheap, low rent, coarse South African snuff. Absolutely loaded with nicotine that builds the longer you keep it in your nose. Exponentially stronger than Taxi Red which is no slouch, although I slightly prefer the flavor this is a killer, too. Barnyard and ammonia, two words that are true here, and you can feel the nicotine burn after taking a whiff. One of the few snuffs that if you overdo it, you will get sick feeling. When that happens, I usually clear out my nose immediately and it subsides. Some like to let the tin air out from ammonia, but it loses potency and I highly recommend not doing it. When these snuffs get dry, they lose nearly all potency. A real man's snuff. Coarse, dark, nothing like it. I recommend the boxcar method for ease of use with this.