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Customer Reviews

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Ben Davis
My order by the case, two cans a week, everyday fill your head favorite.

After years of trying every type of snuff, and letting most of them dry out in my NEVER AGAIN drawer, I found Grand Cairo I am not your average snuff user, I have a serious habit, and I usually do two pinches in each nostril every time. Grand Cairo never fails to keep my nose moist, always has a consistent satisfying taste and smell.
This and the Gold Label SP is all I order. Never waist money trying new snuff again.

Crypt Five
The Best Around

WoS's Grand Cairo is my daily go-to snuff. It's top drawer. I absolutely love it. Little burn, lemon zest, nice base tobacco beneath. Just perfect.

Casey Sellers

I got this one based on the reviews. Had it for a few weeks. It’s a nice fine grind with the slightest moister to it. But MAN this is like sniffing carpet cleaner. It is so different and strong than anything else I tried. I have to pump myself to get zested by this one.

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Eric Perlinger

While similar to the trip to Grandma’s house proposed Friboug & Treyer’s Bordeaux, this baby has the Big Bad Wolf waiting for you her bed and now he’s wearing a Fez. Packing quite the punch, Grand Cairo is more like the stiff Gin & Tonics served to the officers of the Imperial General Staff, than anything my Grandmother had to offer. I suspect that it is a strong anti-malarial and would be my first choice on any adventure requiring the use of either camels or pith helmets. Lawrence of Arabia, in a can.

Truly the “Best SP”

I am not very partial to the snuff by Wilson’s of Sharrow called, “Best SP”, and in fact, I am not a big fan of SP’s more generally. But as far as this one is concerned, there is a reason that the “...recipe is a few hundred years old.” I greatly enjoy this snuff. Other snuffs that I like so you can decide based on your own tastes if yours are similar to mine are: Plain, Irish no. 22, Rows of Sharrow, Diplomat, and Matador. I have tried almost all of the Wilson’s of Sharrow snuffs now, and have decided that these are some of my favorites and I don’t like many of the ones not listed above. Enjoy!