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Crypt Five
Bready Nic

A bready scent with a tremendous belt of nicotine. Highly recommended, especially if one is trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

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Bro Brian
I have to buy an Indian purchase more often!

As with many snuffs from India, this does have that genuine seashell scent, and flavor. Most folks will probably not be attuned to such things, but those who are into sea foods and such will probably enjoy such as this. It has that nice ambience of the sea mixed into a very powerful nicotine tobacco, which makes it very special to those who are accustomed to sea faring creatures. This is a must try, and I will be trying out many other India products in the near future. The White Elephant snuff is a very strong snuff with very strong nicotine consistency.

Ryan Williams

I was actually pleased to discover that unlike most reviewers have noted- this did not have any amonia type smell to me, or anything fishy for that matter either. To me it smells like crushed up Cigars. Kinda like the smell of a walk in humidor. It comes in a nice all metal tin (35g) the snuff is very dry and very fine like a dust or something. I’m not an experienced snuff taker by any means. I just started. This IS very strong nicotine for a novice person, but I have a high tolerance. You can snuff this like other snuffs because it’s so fine it goes straight to the back of the throat. It does burn if you do to much, will bring a tear to your eye but then fade into sweet nicotine bliss. Does not have much of a lasting scent or taste to me once it is sniffed. Great as a mixer to some of my other stuff and goes great added to menthol to cool the burn. Probably not my everyday but great for the first of the day. I’d always keep a tin of this on hand.

Mark D
Great burn

First time user of nasal snuff but great experience. Good burn better than a Lucky Strike anyday


This is probably a great snuff if you can take it. It’s not flour it’s dust! High nicotine, great burn and good white tobacco flavour but for me it was too hard to take