Viking Thor's Hammer

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The Capitan

This is definitely in the vein of Taxi & NTSU; I want to like it. Some have described these flavors as "barnyard". Maybe. I once knew a rat breeder & to me the smell is squarely "rat pee". But don't necessarily take that in a bad way. Let the ammonia blow off. The flavor is hard to describe otherwise. Its bold, dark, rich, crazy-sour and surprisingly smooth. It is oddly satisfying but I can only do it every now and then. It's worth a try.

Jahjah Benji
This is my favorite all day

The Best of The Best for all day.
keep it moist because too dry it becomes less pleasant in the nose.

William Cashell
Thor’s Hammer

Good stuff, took a day or two for
me to get used to it. Flavor profile is different from what I’m used to but get it a chance and it’s very nice. Rich tobacco, satisfying in a way that only dipping Copenhagen can duplicate.

Viking Thor's Hammer 25g

Has a nice barnyard quality to it which doesn't sound very appealing, however, it's oddly satisfying.

Viking Thor's Hammer 25g

This is a favorite all day for me. I can use a bit and enjoy the initial nicotine hit plus it lingers for some time as does the barnyard aroma. The drips can be powerful and it can cause your nose to run a bit but it's good stuff. I highly recommend.