Viking Storm Breaker 20g

Viking Storm Breaker 20g

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Viking Stormbreaker snuff is a moist, chocolate brown colored blend of high quality dark fired and flue cured bright Virginia tobaccos. The recipe includes menthol and eucalyptus that help create a gentle S.P. aroma very similar to classic English snuffs. The array of competitors of this offering would be 260-L and Original & Genuine. Well worth a try.

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Customer Reviews

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A.D. (Seattle, US)
Superior Snuff

Powerful menthol, decent nicotine hit. The tin I received was mounded over with snuff, and made quite the mess. I recommend transferring the contents to a more suitable container.

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Benjamin (Copenhagen, DK)
Eucalyptus and Menthol for the true Tobacco lovers

As with all the Viking snuffs I have sampled, Stormbreaker does a magnificent job of highlighting the base flour first and foremost. Make no mistake, this snuff is heavily medicated, but upon opening the tin you'll first be greeted by the aromas of Dark fired and Bright leaf fermented tobaccos... which are by no means hiding underneath the added scents. The grind is Medium (not as course as some of the other Viking blends) and chocolate brown in color. The first pinch is brimming with Heavy Eucalyptus, Menthol and a Lemony acidic citrus. Never failing to open the nostrils, this one is sure to clear your sinuses every time... and possibly even water your eyes a little. Sometimes it even gives a cooling burn that leaks to the outside of my nostrils and under my nose/above my upper lip; an invigorating sensation only enhanced by an outdoor breeze. As you take a big clear breath of air through your unclogged nostrils you'll get some whiffs of that skillfully fermented Viking tobaccos; A smell for the true tobacco lovers, the quality and care that goes into The Viking's tobacco blends really shows.
The description on here says it has a "gentle SP Aroma" but in my experience its not gentle, but rather almost as strong as the heavy duty Eucalyptus and Menthol. I'm also not getting any "traditional" SP qualities. There is no Bergamot or Neroli fragrances to be found at all, but rather a very Lemony scent that smells acidic and much more like the juice of a lemon as opposed to any citrus peel or rind. Additionally, I would not compare this in anyway to L-260 or O&G. The closest things I can compare it to is JIP, but with more base tobacco present and a some juicy acidic citrus in the mix; OR like WOS Matador without the leathery boot polish aromas. The Nicotine content is Medium by comparison to other The Viking snuffs, but surely enough to satisfy.

John Villella (Kansas City, US)
Great snuff

If you do not like overpower menthols this is it. Easy to take, moisture level is great, and good nic hit. Cant go wrong with this one. Simons video is spot on. Glad I order the 100 gram for this refreshing driver.

Yves Herren (Zermatt, CH)

dark tobacco like the storm breaker,is cool

Kyle Bernett (Chicago, US)
The perfect snuff

My collection of snuff is quite large but this snuff is my favorite. I don't use it all day or even everyday mostly because I can't just take it and carry on with what I was doing, I always have to pause and relish the deep satisfaction that this snuff brings me. I love different snuffs for different occasions but if I had to choose just one snuff for tje rest of my life, this may be my choice. Deep, rich tobacco and the perfect amount of menthol.