SNUV White Nose Candy 15g

SNUV White Nose Candy 15g

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SNUV White range of snuffs are all based on classic "white" tobacco.

Although more a pale brown, white snuff is very strong and of very fine grind.

For this reason we recommend that only seasoned, expert or masochistic snuffers even attempt these snuffs. Small pinches sniffed carefully and gently is what is required if you don't want mucus streaming for various orifices. 

You have been warned.

SNUV Nose Candy is another fruity snuff along the lines of the perennially popular Gawith Original from Poschl.

Be careful. Sniff too much too hard and your nose will pulse like someone just stuffed a couple of ripe apricots up your nostrils.

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Customer Reviews

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B.W. (Maricopa, US)
Not so much...

This stuff is super-fine and VERY potent! Sadly, the scent isn't enjoyable. Its like snorting cheap perfume. That's the only way I can describe it. Won't get it again.

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Joseph Valicko (North Babylon, US)
White line highway

Another fantastic Snuv from the white line and possibly my favorite! Almost like cotton candy with a twist of menthol. Easy to take with no irritation in the nose

Joseph Thibodeau (Montreal, CA)
Weird to say the least...

I was expecting fruity, instead I got what can only be described as a tin of soft, powdered bar of dove soap. Soapy feeling in the back of the throat, horrible tasting soap nasal drip. Not for me.

K.F. (Edmonton, CA)

One of my favourite snuffs in my collection. The menthol is very light, with a refreshing sweetness to it. I’m unsure how to describe the flavour, but it’s refreshing.

E.P. (Longueuil, CA)
Operation Sonnenblume

Dry like the Sahara Desert, beige like an Afrika Korps uniform, granular like the sands of Libya and stinging like a scorpion; Nose Candy is Poschl’s Gawith Original…on nitrous oxide. I am a big fan of Gawith Original. It reminds me a warm summer holidays where nothing is rushed and everything is savoured. In my review I dreamily refer to it as a Bodensee Zepplinfarht. If Gawith Original is like a floating on a blimp high above Lake Constance, Nose Candy is like riding a JU 87 Sturzkampfflugzeug “Stuka” dive-bomber into Tobruk. It is the snuff of adrenaline junkies. Nose Candy tastes like 50 proof apricot schnapps and burns like snorting a shooter. High in nicotine, it will wake you, slap you, sharpen your focus and send you into battle without kissing-you goodbye. It will also cause post-nasal drip and sometimes make you cry. Perfect for exam season or for those circumstances where Red Bull just won’t do.