Poschl Lowen Prise 10g

Poschl Lowen Prise 10g

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Poschl Lowen Prise is definitely a royal snuff. This kingly tobacco taste opens with a licorice flavor with hints of tangy cocoa followed by a medicated spicy taste and ending with the sweet scent of fermented tobacco. This powdered pleasure has a mid-moist, medium coarse and fluffy texture. The nose feel is on the level of tingle rather than burn but the nicotine hit is above average. There are reasons why this snuff is popular. Try some and see why.

Available in a convenient 10 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

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Casey Taylor (Killeen, US)
Classiest of Classics

One should always have a box in the snuff drawer. Truly great.

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Brandon Arthur (Reading, US)

Love this one, very minty ,mentholated ,notes of licrorice with a cooling sensation, will be my go 2 winter snuff 8/10

Joseph James Churchill (Seattle, US)
My 'Go-To' for the go

This shit is grand for public use. I like the tap box, derivative but functional and the burn is light for the N you get plus I love black licorice even though I was expecting it to be stronger, it's a faint note of licorice at the tail-end of the bump

R.M. (Little Rock, US)
Licorice Menthol

Normally, I'm not a fan of black licorice, but it works quite nice with this snuff. Sometimes. Many times I wish Poschle had non menthol options. I don't why they insist on making every damn snuff with menthol. Here, I think the menthol takes away from the licorice flavor. I don't taste any of the cocoa in the product description, but a nice soft velvety tobacco comes through after the initial licorice dies down. I've had many snuffs and while it's a far cry from bad, it's not a very memorable snuff. I think Poschle has much better offerings in their repertoire.

Original post was 9/12/22. Today's updated review is 10/18/22:
This snuff has really grown on me. I found myself continually reaching for it and as off two nights ago, tapped out the last kernals I could find. I really enjoyed using this, followed by Taxi Red or a strong plain dry snuff. The balance between licorise, spices and menthol is perfect. Delicate in the nose, with an intoxicating flavor. Not a fan originally, it somehow wore its way into my heart. This will always be in my rotation. I surprisingly found this an everyday snuff and was continually reaching for this tapbox throughout the day. Def worth a try...even if you're not a fan of licorice, like me. You might just be surprised and end up converted. I doubt I would try another licorice offering, but I'll certainly stick with this one. Hey...if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Really nice

I was impressed, nice menthol licorice. Working man's every day, got a kick to it .
My friend didn't smoke a cigarette for an hour after trying, he was blown away first time trying snuff.