Poschl Gletscherprise Nachfullbox 15g

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All time, every time, favorite

There is not a lot to add other than for me it is the snuff, that I take without thinking about it. There is a good menthol kick accompanied by the deep and sweet tobacco scent. After taking it many times in a row, it reveals some sweet citrus scents in the background. Just great. Every time. On the previous label, it said "With Columbia Oil", which is a mixture of essential oils. The oils don't present a distinct scent, but seem to enhance the sweet tobacco aromas. The grind is medium to coarse, soft and on the moist side. I can take this in large amounts with no problems. It is recommended for beginners and old-timers. The queen of mentholated, German style snuffs. I like the 15 grams refillable box for convenience and for a slightly better value.

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Poschl Gletscherprise Nachfullbox 15g

This is a wonderful, no nonsense metholated and oiled snuff. I have no idea what "columbia oil" is, but it smells like a light white fir oil (bernard F is a strong white fir oil), maybe red fir, that quickly fades leaving a lightly sweet finish that lingers for long time. Seems to be slightly lower in nicotine than gawith original (apricot) but that may be due to my tap box of apricot being a little dry. This is a great, easy to use snuff that it would hard not to be in the mood for at any given time. I like the big 15gr box, the offset opening allows for easy pouring.

Poschl Gletscherprise Nachfullbox 15g

This is absolutely fantastic. I dont have much exposure to snuff outside of American scotches and some Indian snuffs, and this is a fantastic intro to German snuff.

Poschl Gletscherprise Nachfullbox 15g

This is my everyday all day go to old tyme all the tyme any tyme favorite snuff!!!! it has a great coolness that is really nice for outdoors in the fall or winter. it is a great all day snuff with a scent that never gets old. it is the one I find myself picking up more and more often these days. The menthol is kinda minty and lasts for a long tyme. I really enjoy it with coffee