Ozona Snuffy Weiss 5g

Ozona Snuffy Weiss 5g

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Ozona Snuffy Weiss is a celebration of white. The pure blanched color, dry texture and fine grind has nothing to do with tobacco. This is an entirely fructose based sensation that has no burn or endorphin rush, however it is pure pleasure in the nose. This can be used as an outstanding palette cleanser between stronger snuffs in your rotation or for the thrill of menthol and summer berries wafting through you sinuses any time of the day. Reminiscent of an alpine stroll.

Available in a convenient 5 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

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Christopher (Mission Viejo, US)
Greatest snuff of all time

This is the best I love this snuff and will always buy it

SC (Monticello, US)
Ozona Snuffy Weiss

The menthol isn't extreme, this is an enjoyable, smooth mentholated, non-tobacco snuff. There's no burn. Ozona Snuffy Weiss has a beautiful profile of fruits, perhaps sweet oranges. It can most certainly be an all day snuff. The body is fine powder that clumps a bit, but doesn't form compact shapes. One of my favorite smooth menthols. The container is of note. Picture a poker chip. Double the thickness and then a bit more. In the side is a small recessed indentation that aligns with the top of the container. To access the snuff, you spin the sides of the container, like a wheel and the opening is under the indentation. Personally I like the design, it's somewhat unique out of the ones I've tried so far. 5 stars.

William Cashell
Not bad

Pretty good really, first non tobacco I’ve tried. Nice to refresh the nose. All that being said I had to throw it away, reminded me too much of the bad old days, lol. That’s just my issue, it’s really pretty nice. Never had an experience quite like it.

Ozona Snuffy Weiss 5g

A non-tobacco snuff(obviously) however it is still a good snuff if you can stand not getting nicotine from it. It is definitely menthol and fairly strong with it, and little bit of mint and it is very sweet. An enjoyable filler if nothing else.

Ozona Snuffy Weiss 5g

Clears stuffyness , non tobacco nasal snuff. Nice wake up factor. It even clears away for you to take another sniff of different snuff if desired. I travel well with this. + be careful using this one in public ----- like most everyone has said on their review LOL you want zero issues with the law, trying to explain this legal white powdery substance is not what they think it is. Use this with discretion when in public. - Beb