Ozona O-Type 5g

Ozona O-Type 5g

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Ozona O-Type is reminiscent of a summertime treat like ice cold orange soda or a frozen Popsicle. This blend provides an immediate burst of blood orange laying on top of a bed of spicy mint. The tobacco taste is well camouflaged under the ripe fruity aroma of this snuff. Easy to take, moist and mid colored with a middling jolt of vitamin N. A very nice introductory snuff or a good choice to cleanse the palette for something more robust. Enjoy!

Available in a convenient 5 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Sinem Thomson (Istanbul, TR)


robert bryan (Jacksonville, US)
Best orange I have tried so far

Other than the tin itself this one is outstanding. The mix of menthol and orange really hits the spot.

I like this one but I do not like their tin at all. In fact I hate this style tap tin. Pry it apart carefully and put it in something else. I use the small aluminum screw pucks sold at head shops.

W.N. (Las Vegas, US)
I'm gonna get more of this stuff

The last time I had any snuff I was a senior in high school 30+ years ago. I've gotten back into it this past month or two, after a pipe - smoking Facebook friend introduced me to this site ... well I'm here to tell ya, this stuff is GOOD. The first couple seconds after you hit it, you're going to feel a little menthol. But wait for it, ... wait for it, and BOOM the orange. Not overpowering, - the orange sensation is smooth and pleasant like a glass of ice cold Kool Aid on a hot summer day when you were a kid. At first you'll wonder if there's even any nicotine in it at all, but then you'll realize you've been in a great mood for the past half hour and give yourself a deep inner smile. I've sampled a bunch of different snuff blends in the past 45 days or so and this one stands out. This is the stuff I'm going to carry with me when I leave the house tomorrow.

M.A. (Brooklyn, US)
Really nice

I was surprised. As a new snuff user, I tried it as an experiment to see if I would like fruit snuffs. I haven't liked all the fruits but this one was really good. Orange and menthol nicely combined. I bought a second tin.

John DORTON (Concord, US)
Omg yes

I am very new to snuff, this is the fourth one I've tried, but I will be ordering the 10 pack. Convenient and I love the taste and aroma