Ozona O-Type (Orange) 5g

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Robert Garcia
What's the percentage?

It feels awesome immediately but there's no lasting nicotine feeling. Is there some type of unit of measurement for this type of tobacco?

Ozona O-Type (Orange) 5g

Wow, this stuff is my new favorite and at least rivaling Poschl gawith apricot as my go to snuff. When I first tried it, I didn't feel that way though - it took a few tries to get use to it and then love it, so keep that in mind. Once you get use to the type of orange, it's a mix of refreshing and candy orange flavor with just enough menthol for a pick me up that doesn't overpower the fruit flavor. It's a very light snuff, just right moisture content (I prefer it on the moisture side), and medium grind, great for beginner or experienced user alike. This stuff is great on the go or in the summer, especially in dry places. Only complaints are that the tap box is great but so small, so you run out fast and this snuff is definitely on the more expensive side of the spectrum. I wish they offered 10g or 15g options because that would be much more convenient for most users, but the snuff itself is so good I gotta give it 5 stars. I guess sometimes you get what you pay for. I will be trying all the other ozona fruit flavors because of how good this one is.

Ozona O-Type (Orange) 5g

At first I hesitated to try it thinking it would smell too sweet. But this stuff is actually really cool! Fresh and juicy like freshly cut sour orange. Good for morning to freshen up, as well as before bed to unclog the nose.
The only downside is that 5 gram tin is too small, wish it was sold in bigger tins or tapboxes.
However it still totally deserves its 5 starts.

Ozona O-Type (Orange) 5g

The convenient small package is perfect for working days and so is the snuff. Very fresh and clearing. The scent smell more like the orange peel than the actual fruit which is very nice. I can take this anytime anywhere.

Ozona O-Type (Orange) 5g

Absolutely a must for any snuff order. It is just like a fresh orange sliced. The menthol balances perfectly giving it that "new orange smell". I have come to relate this snuff to a beautiful summer day playing baseball or a day in the wilderness.