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Eric Perlinger
You never forget your first!

McChrystal's was my first foray into snuff and was my gateway to nasal entertainment. Nicely mentholated without being a slap in the face or a punch in the nose. A calming balm after a long day fighting nuisances.

Justin Reynolds
Absolutely marvelous snuff!

This was my first snuff so i may be a bit biased, but it truly is refreshing and amazing, I love the tobacco base they use, and the eucalyptus and menthol kick is very nice indeed. Satisfying nicotine hit too, I was quitting smoking when i first started snuffing and this did the job.

Nick H.
Ol' Dagomy!!!

Very satisfying! Like having a candy cane covered in Vicks vapor rub rammed up the hooter and stabbing your eye. Strong menthol. Strong burn. Decent nicotine. Flavor lasts a good bit. I like 👍.

HEAVY on menthol... if that’s your thing.

This one is HEAVY on the menthol. I do like the size of the tin it comes in. It’s smaller than Wilson’s of Sharrow, so makes it easy to pocket. I’m not a big fan of menthol, but if you like the menthol snuffs, then this one is probably a decent one comparatively.

Genuinely great!!!

This is probably the best snuff from McChrystal's . A beautiful balance between tastes and the grind is very smooth!