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Bayne Balaski
Best all-rounder.

Jip has become my go to snuff. It is powerful with a great finish. So smooth and sweet. As mentioned by others it is a great sinus clearer. My snuff use has definitely gone up since I put this great product in to my collection.

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Eric Perlinger
Doctor Dolittle

McCrystal’s has five snuffs that are variations on the same mentholated theme: McChrystal’s Original, Glacier, Higland Ice, JIP and Sturco. They are all easy to take. JIP is stronger than McCrystal’s Original with a higher menthol and eucalyptus flavour. It is weaker that the Sturco, which also has a more peppermint overtones. It does not have the candy cane sweetness of Glacier and less camphor than Highland Ice. This “medicated” snuff is very good for clearing the sinuses; much more effective than a Vick’s nasal stick. “JIP”, of course, is Dr. Doolittle’s dog, who is known for his very keen sense of smell: “I don’t need any light to look for a man who smells of Black Rappee snuff” said Jip as he climbed the stairs. “If the man had a hard smell, like string now – or hot water, it would be different. But SNUFF! – Tut! Tut!”

Alex Fife
Blast Off to the Peak of Menthol Mountain.

JIP! has a crisp-cool satisfying menthol kick. The first couple of times I tried it I had a sneezing session and my eyes watered to the point where I almost couldn't see. I've gotten used to it now and it's not-so-quietly climbing the charts as my go-to snuff, playing in heaving rotation with the other hits like Olde English, Sturco and Glacier. For you occasional menthol fans this is must try. For you menthol lovers - go ahead and order several tins as you will find your hand reaching for the JIP! time and time again. It's similar to Sturco but has late-hit herbal undertone after the menthol. It's powdery and fine but does have some cohesiveness when getting it on the shovel so you can really pile it high and blast off to the peak of Menthol Mountain. The only competition in the menthol game that McChrystal's has are other lines in its own brand.

Dr Sniffles
Fresh as an angels breath.

JIP has a great reputation and it didn’t fail me. Strong menthol and oh so refreshing. Not huge in the nicotine to me. Seems I could sniff the whole can and still desire more. Very opening in the nose. Decent lasting scent in the snoz. This is that snuff you will want to have a bucket of all the time ready to use. Very good favorite already.

Dennis Garrett
Jiip snuff top 10

I order jip anuff and it was great twice the menthol twice the nicotine instant coffee like buzz not very many flavors
Think this might be in top five snuffs because it is easy to get at stores around the world!