Hedges L260 20g

Hedges L260 20g

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Hedges L260 is a traditional English snuff. This mixture is an original blend of premium tobaccos and a well balanced addition of a spicy menthol that is not overpowering but completely refreshing. The color is mid brown with a silky smooth grind that is easy to take and has a nice wallop of nicotine. This snuff is representative of a fine English tobacco product and has a legitimate and well earned reputation for quality. Appreciated by both novel and accustomed snuffers.

Available in a convenient container size.

Customer Reviews

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Bryce Crayton (Mold, GB)
Hedges L260

Was bought and gifted, for a now happy man.

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Brody Rain (Greenwood, US)
Original Favorite ❤️

This Snuff is a true Old School classic and one of my original favorites and still a favorite today! It's a medicated Menthol that stands alone it's smell, grind moisture level and everything else are all perfect right along with a decent hit of vitamin N. If you haven't tried it yet you should you won't be disappointed.

John Standring (Newcastle upon Tyne, GB)

Hedges L260 20g

francis gibbs (Bridgwater, GB)
its good to go excellent product.

you should try this product it is very good.

Kiefy (Palm Coast, US)

This is the menthol snuff that I compare all others to. The nic hit is strong, the menthol and camphor is strong and it has some eucalyptus. I wouldn't use it as an all-day snuff as it may irritate your nose.