Afghan White 45g

Afghan White 45g

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Transported from somewhere outside Jalalabad in Afghanistan to the border of Pakistan near Torkham by truck. It is then hauled by another battered vehicle across Pakistan via Peshawar and Abbottabad crossing to Kashmir then, of all things, stuck on the back of donkeys to get it over the Pir Panjal range.

After traversing the mountains the beasts of burden follow a road where it is picked up by guys driving homemade trucks with converted generator engines. It is then dropped off at various village stores from the Jammu Kashmir district down to the Punjab.

From there a trader from Amritzar finds his way to the local market where our Indian contact picks it up and sells us a few tins. We managed to procure a few dozen tins of the stuff, but we are not sure if we will be able to get any more and if we do, it will be in erratic small quantities.

Customer Reviews

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Alex Love-Rodgers (London, GB)
lovely stuff

First proper white snuff I tried, very strong, extremely fine. One thing to not is that you get 45g as the container says however the container split in the box. I simply decanted it and love this snuff

C. (Steamboat Springs, US)
White Elephant?

I bought this snuff when it first came out, maybe ten years ago. Although the story about it traversing the mountains, etc was interesting, when I opened the tub I thought White Elephant!!! When I took a micro pinch, I thought White Elephant! It’s good white snuff for sure, but I think it’s Indian snuff rebranded. I still like it, no matter where it’s from.

Randall Bibby (Punta Gorda, US)
Tread Lightly!

My first use of this snuff made me understand how Afghanistan earned the sobriquet "The Graveyard of Empires." The local warlords must have arranged for invading armies to receive large quantities of the stuff and then slaughtered them while they were incapacitated by it. In all seriousness, this snuff is extremely intense and packs more of a punch than any other snuff I have tried, A small amount, much smaller than you would imagine, can easily overwhelm the senses. I have come to enjoy it, but it isn't a snuff that I will use on an everyday basis and given how little of it is needed to achieve the desired effect, I doubt that I will use up the full container in my lifetime.

C.R. (Yorba Linda, US)
Great Experience

I love this snuff! The aromatic character is very natural and not plain. Light mix of ammonia and barnyard. Very clean smelling and definitely not getting a heavy tobacco sent. Some say it has a urine sent but I think they just confuse that with the ammonia and forest characters.
The grind is obviously very fine which is both a positive and negative because I can't take large pinches without it partly hitting my throat. If only the grind was slightly less fine. Definitely 100% tobacco, 0% opium.
I wouldn't mind a bit of opium if I'm being honest, lol.

simon alore (Kamloops, CA)
Afghanistan Marching Powder

I initially ordered this with an abundance of curiosity. White snuff? White snuff from Afghanistan? Would this be tobacco, or a tobacco blend? Either way I figured I wouldn't be disappointed.... I was wrong. I wasn't disappointed I was mesmerized. This is the strongest snuff I've ever tried and possibly the strongest I'll ever try. The upfront scent here is very opaque, and dusty but, that quickly changes into a very Indo, Nag Champa, scent which is surprisingly great. Careful insufflation is required to properly enjoy! P.S. I assure you this is a tobacco only product.