Bernard Zwiefacher 10g

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I went on a Bernard's journey and Zweifacher was one of the stops along the way. I read the reviews here and it sounded intriguing.
So far, I find it alright, but to me it seems like Magic Moments plus menthol. In other words, a solid snuff, fairly sweet and has a fruity strawberry note behind the menthol.
I found Chiarivari to be a much more interesting offering personally, but everyone's taste varies.

James Pawson
Authentic Black Forest Cake

This is the first proper German snuff I've tried, I assume it counts as a Schmalzler.
Yeah, my "problem" with this stuff is I feel like I am eating it with my nose, I can see going through 10g of this in a week or less (3 days if it was my only snuff on hand-- and yes, I am a newb to snuff, only snuffing for 2 months now.) The "flavour" is very much of authentic Black Forest Chocolate cake; sweet, cake-like, with deep, sweet notes, heavy on cherry liquor.
I love the tap box and art on it. I love feeling connected to time more or less forgotten in German history, this really brings me there. Very enjoyable. Cheers.

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Eric Perlinger
Just like the picture on the box!

Mild menthol with a cherry-chocolate kick makes you feel like dancing after swilling several bocks of Spaten.

Lord Baltimort
A fascinating chameleon. Extraordinary.

This a fascinating snuff because its tastes like, well, Zwiefacher. “ Zwiefacher” literally “double-time” is a Bavarian dance with irregular, quick chnaging rhythms, and that is the perfect meraphor for this snuff. It is hard to pin down the complex flavor because it starts to change and develop immediately. From the first sniff, I can’t really tell whether I am smelling tobacco, menthol, or some kind of fruit. The complexity and chameleon-like flavor is set in motion by a bare hint of menthol that is just perfect; not too much, not too little.

This is one of those rare concoctions that tastes like itself and nothing else. It is a marvel and a mystery with a good amount if nicotine too! This is one of my most beloved and cannot recommend it enough.

Bernard Zwiefacher 10g

Quite a multi-layered snuff, this smells just like carmex chapstick at first, plus a lighter (than most) menthol. After a while, you get a scent of strawberries which fades, but never fully leaves, revealing a coffee scent! I have yet to have come across anything quite like this, as usually you get all the scents up front! Definitely a must try. It has something for everyone.