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Customer Reviews

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imanuel portnoy
One of the best snuffs ever

The best with sweets or as before bed snuff

Eric O'Neil
Nice flavor

I really like the flavor of this snuff, it reminds me of pipe tobaccos and has a sweet flavor that lasts. I highly recommend.

John Castle
Give it time.

I thought I had reviewed this before -- not favorably -- but that review seems to have wandered off. I'm actually glad it did, because there's something someone who is new to schmalzlers (as I was) needs to understand:

This one, at least, has a "getting used to it" period -- just as taking snuff does, generally, when one first picks up the endeavor. If this is your first schmalzler, or if it's just this "flavor" that's new to you, see the headline, and give it time.

Magic Moments has a "flavor" that's all its own in the ranks of my collection and, based on other reviews, among schmalzlers, as well. Sweet, *sweet* strawberry top note, with an undertone of very pleasant wood smoke.

The grind is soft and fluffy, and it's very easy to take quite a bit of this at a time; what's not so easy, when you're first getting into schmalzlers, is *keeping* it in there without blowing your nose. Its burn isn't up front, as an English style snuff's is. It's a slow burn that strolls up on you rather than whacking you across the head. Then that back drip comes in, and that takes some getting used to in its own right. It's not exactly pleasant, even after you're used to it -- but you *do* get used to it, to the point where it's not exactly *un*-pleasant, either. It's just there and you deal with it; call it the price of admission for a lovely flavor and a rather more than decent nicotine fix.

You may love it; you may hate it. But do give it a try.

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Eric Perlinger
Black forest cake

I'm also a pipe smoker from Montreal. One of our finest tobacconists and pipe makers (Blatter & Blatter) has a mixture called "Navigator". This snuff reminds me of that. Sweet, fruity and creamy with chocolate undertones: this is Bavarian Black Forest cake for your nose. It was very enjoyable while finishing a bottle of Bacardi's Gran Reserva Limitada.

The Capitan
Fruit syrup

As much as I love many of Bernard's flavors, this one fell short for me. It seemed like fruit done "the wrong way" (Read: yellow #5). I highly recommend Rosinski's schmalzler's over this one. Other than what I felt was a sickening synthetic fruit flavor, it's still "Bernard" so it's never -bad-.